Team Roster

Adrien Arnold

Discipline: Mountain Bike (Sport), Cyclocross (Cat 4)

Age: 44

Hometown: Richmond VA

Career Highlights: 2015: 2nd place overall in the VACX series, Cat 4 Women. 2014: 4th place overall, Women's Cat 4 VACX Series; 3rd Place - Sport Women, Dominion Riverrock Urban Assault; 4rd Place, Virginia Off Road Series (VORS) - Sport Women (2011); Series winner, "Sorry Honey" short course race series (2011);  3rd place Urban Assault - Sport Women (2011); 1st place, Urban Assault - Sport Women (2007).

Goals: To win a cyclocross race!

Hobbies/Interests: Fashion, music, blogging, CrossFit.

Caroline Carrico

Discipline(s): mountain (Sport), cyclocross (Cat 3), road (fondo)

Age: 27

Hometown: Rochester, MN

Career Highlights: I have been riding bikes enthusiastically since 2008. Cycling began as a hobby and method of exploring my new surroundings after relocating to Richmond from Rochester, MN for graduate school. I first purchased a cyclocross bike and dove in head-first. My first taste of competitive cycling came at the Charm City Cyclocross Race, one of the largest races in the mid-Atlantic Region. I compete in cyclocross racing throughout the mid-Atlantic including competing in the MABRA Super-Eight, MABRA Sportif Cup, Virginia Cyclocross, and Mid-Atlantic Cyclocross series.

After swearing I would never mountain bike, I found I LOVE to mountain bike. I have competed in many local mountain bike races in the central Virginia region, and am always game for riding new trails. I have notched a few wins and multiple podium finishes in both cyclocross and mountain bike races.

Since Virginia boasts inconsistent weather tendencies, I have realized that cycling also has to occur on paved surfaces from time-to-time. I have also come to enjoy long road rides such as gran fondo style rides as an enjoyable way to spend a long time on bikes climbing mountains and riding for longer distances.

Goals: Find enjoyment in racing again

Hobbies/Interests: Apart from cycling, I love Skittles, Taylor Swift, Just Dance, People of NASCAR, shopping, and of course my husband and family.

Amy Coleman

Discipline(s): Mountain Bike - Expert/Enduro, Cat 4 Cyclocross

Age: 32

Hometown: Glen Allen, VA

Career Highlights: Downhill - 2008 Snowshoe Powerade Race Series Champion - Intro Women, MTB - 2009 VORS (Virginia Offroad Series) Champion - Sport, 2010 VORS 3rd Place - Expert, 2010 Scouts Honor 18-Hour Race 3rd Place - Solo Women, Survived the 2011 SM100 (100 mile mtb event), currently the 2011 VORS 2nd place - XCat/Enduro

Hobbies: Hmm..  not too many beyond biking!  But I love watch football, college and pro.  I love to cook, spend time with my family and try to rest when I am not riding or chasing behind someone down some singletrack.  Looking to get into some cross and road racing to mix it up a bit.

Monica Glavé

Discipline(s): Cat 4 Road; Multisport

Age: 50

Hometown: Richmond, VA

Goals:  Race more this season from triathlons to various bike races.  Discovered cyclocross this past season and love it!  My favorite race was Monster Cross.

Hobbies:  Travelling, eating, cooking, reading, meeting people.  I love being outdoors, especially with my 2 daughters, husband and our adorable mutt.

Ann S. Hardy

Discipline(s): Cat 3 Road, Mountain Bike - Sport

Age: 50+

Hometown: Richmond VA

Career Highlights: Virginia State Champion 2006- Women’s 40+; Gold Medal – 2007 Virginia Masters Championship Crit; Gold medal- 2007 Virginia Masters Championship Road Race; Silver Medal -2007 Virginia Masters Championship Time Trial.

Hobbies: Co-Founder of River City Women’s Racing, moving into the mentoring phase of racing and enjoy encouraging women to become involved in a sport that builds strength and confidence. Love this sport because the world is our stadium and I get to hang around with assertive people who are fit and usually like to drink beer with me.

Emily Helmboldt

Discipline(s): Cat 1 Road, Mountain Bike - Sport

Age: 42

Hometown: Varina, VA

Career Highlights: Over 50 race wins; Top 20 in several NRC races; Competed in 2 World Cup Races; 5th Place Master's Nationals 2000; 7 time VA State Omnium Champion

Hobbies:  Gardening, cooking, raising 2 silly girls, cleaning up after 2 cats and dogs, reading brief articles, watching Universal Sports channel which I don't get anymore, and playing practical jokes on my husband.  I am napping right now.

Malissa Hundley

Discipline(s):  Racing--mountain bike and cyclocross.  Riding--mountain bike, cyclocross, road.

Age: 45

Hometown: Eden, NC

Career Highlights:  Finished 2nd in the VACX series for Cat 4 women in 2012.

Goals:  To stay competive as I get older.

Hobbies:  cooking, home renovation

Patricia Kinser

Discipline(s): mountain, road, cyclocross

Age: 35

Hometown: Richmond, VA

Career Highlights: After being a lacrosse player in college, I transitioned to mostly running- until a hip injury and friends convinced me it was time to try cycling instead. I bought a mountain bike, cyclocross bike, and road bike a few years ago and proceeded to have a number of podium finishes in beginner mtb races. My "career highlights", however, simply include all those awesome rides with friends, plus the amazing experience of mountain biking in the Swiss Alps with my husband.

Goals: to have fun, to stay fit, to enjoy all that this area has to offer with regards to cycling, help others learn the joy of cycling

Hobbies/Interests: spending time outdoors, hiking with my dog and husband, working in the garden, teaching yoga, reading, cooking, enjoying good food & drink

Mary Pierce

Discipline(s): Cat 4 Road; Mountain Bike - Sport

Age: racing age 44

Hometown: Chesterfield, VA

Goals: Move up to Cat 3 this season.

Hobbies: Family time, cycling

Katie Jo Prince

Discipline: Road

Age: 28

Hometown: Dinwiddie, VA

Career Highlights: None at the moment but looking forward to bringing the boom! Started as an avid soccer player, ran track and XC, disciplined in endurance running. I played rugby in college but had too many injuries. I fell in love with cycling while doing Rehab for a torn ACL. I’ve completed two charity rides - 40 miles, completed two half centuries and the Tour of Richmond 78 and 100 miles. Looking forward to trying out cyclocross.

Hobbies: Being with my wife and super dog Grover as much as possible. I love anything superhero, Star Wars and anything geeky! I love seeing how things work and operate. Building Legos, volunteering at Camp Rainbow Connection (a camp for people with intellectual disabilities),  and I love hiking, dancing like no one is watching, and road trips

Sonya Richeson

Discipline(s): Cat 3 Road; Cat 3 Cyclocross; Mountain Bike - Expert

Age: 46

Hometown: Montpelier, VA

Career Highlights: 2008 State Omnium Champion, Women Cat 4; 2011 State Omnium Champion, Women 40+; 2014 2nd place in the VACX series, women’s 35+

Hobbies: Attracting birds to the yard with food, water, plantings, and houses. Gardening!  Perennials and vegetables.  Any sort of landscaping project; I love digging in the dirt.  Also love hiking and camping.  Anything outdoors.

Stephanie Rowan

Discipline: road cycling

Age: 38

Hometown: Richmond, VA

Goals: Participate in a Century or Gran Fondo, go FASTER, burn more calories and less gas, and learn more about cycling as a competitive sport.

Hobbies: Gardening, sailing, crafts, reading, and enjoying time with my family.

Kendell Ryan

Discipline: Mountain bike, road cycling, duathlon

Age: 40

Hometown: Richmond

Career Highlights: Not many since I mostly ride for enjoyment and for fitness. 2015: 1st in age group at the Fredericksburg Off-road Duathlon and 1st in beginner cross-country division at the 9 Hours of Cranky Monkey. 2013 Guts, Gravel & Glory - 1st Place for Women's C Race.

Goals: Improve my endurance and my technical skills on the trail.  Maybe try to like riding in cold weather.  Introduce more new women to riding.

Hobbies: Running (road and trail), being outdoors, travel, cooking and gardening.

Paula Smith

Discipline(s): Mountain Bike, Expert; Cyclocross, Cat 3; Road, Cat 3 (not an active road racer at present)
Age: 50+

Hometown: Carlisle, MA

Career Highlights:  2014, 1st place, Women's 35+ VA Cyclocross Championships, 2013, 2nd place, Women's 35+ VA Cyclocross Championships, 2012, 2nd place, Women's 40+ VA Cyclocross Championships. 2012, 2011 and 2010 Virginia Off Road Series (VORS) champion, Expert Women; 2011 and 2009 Camp Hilbert Race Series Champion, Expert Women; 1st place, Cranky Monkey 12 hour MTB race, 2012, 2011 and 2010 Solo Women; completed the Shenandoh 100 mile MTB race in 2011.

Goals: Participate in a national championship, age-graded Cyclocloss and MTB race.

Hobbies: Painting, knitting, gardening, cooking. New hobby: cyclocross racing.

Carol Stanley

Age: 50

Hometown: Richmond, VA

Career Highlights: None yet.  After playing tennis for 20+ years -including 4 years at the college level, and 10+ years of soccer, my feet were screaming for a change!  I quickly became hooked on cycling and love it.

Goals: Each year my goal is to achieve my personal best for longest ride in a single day.

Hobbies: Gardening, attending sporting events, vacations and, my geeky side likes to read newly published health care articles.

Jennifer Switzer

Discipline(s): Cat 4 Road; Multisport

Age: 37

Hometown: Midlothian, VA

Goals: My goals for 2014 are to ride a lot on these beautiful PA roads and to get back into bike racing and triathlons!

Hobbies: Outside of the training and racing world, I love spending time with my husband, going on road trips, knitting, jewelry making, baking, making homemade applesauce, playing board games, and watching football. Lots and lots of football!

Lora Toothman

Discipline(s): Cat 4 Road

Marnie Warner

Discipline(s): Road and Mountain Bike; Cat 4 or 40+
Age: 42

Hometown: Crozier, VA

Career Highlights: 1st place Canal TT 2011, 1st Place State TT Championship 40+ 2011, 1st place Charlotte Duathlon 2012, 1st place AG and 2nd Overall female Naylor's Beach Olympic distance Duathlon 2011, 1st place AG and 2nd Overall female Virginia Duathlon 2011, 1st place Revolution Run 2011, 1st place Six in the Sticks 2011.

Hobbies: vegetarian cooking, bread baking, reading, gardening

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